Management Services

Whether we’re managing a rental property or working with a condominium corporation, we have a company wide commitment to maximize the long term profitability for our owners. While maintaining quality housing for our tenants.

We offer exceptional property maintenance through our valuable relationships and extensive network of our contractors and suppliers to deliver the highest level of service. As an added bonus, our in-house Maintenance Personnel ensures cost effective, efficient service to help reduce operation expenses and maximize value.

Karma Property Management Ltd. complies with all the requirements and trust conditions imposed by the Manitoba Securities Commission, the Residential Tenancy Act and the Condominium Act.

Condominium Management

Condominium living has become a very attractive type of lifestyle, but it has also become a very complex one. The demand for professional management is increasing, as the technical, legal and financial aspects of condominium living have become more intricate. In response, we have developed a management team, where we are in touch with the changing needs of condominiums. Board of Directors and owners alike are becoming more aware of the complexities and each and everyone has one goal in common—to protect their investment.


Management of finances includes budgeting, collecting condominium fees, accounts receivable, accounts payable, preparing monthly financial reports and assisting the auditors in the completion of the annual audit.


Karma Property Management is the primary point of contact for residents and site staff. Answering questions, concerns and communicating pertinent information.  Barring any extenuating circumstances, we strive to provide a 24 hour turnaround time for all communication.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that the Declarations, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations of the Corporation are being adhered to by residents. In addition to assisting the Board with development and revisions as required.

Maintenance & Repair

Provide maintenance and preventative maintenance to the common areas and amenities of the condominium. We offer bulk discount rates with our team of contractors and suppliers. As an added bonus, our in-house Maintenance Personnel ensures cost effective, efficient service to help reduce operating expenses and maximize value.


Attend board meetings, special & annual general meetings with clear concise management reports updating the Board on any new developments and activities. Preparation of meeting agendas, Karma's management report and recording of minutes.

Projects & Major Repairs

Karma Property Management has extensive experience with project management which includes involvement from initial breaking of the ground to building completion including deficiencies and transferring to the Condominium Corporation.

Condominium Management FAQs

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